About Foster Care

Oregon is experiencing a statewide shortage of foster homes available to care for children of all ages. There is a particularly high need to find homes for children and teens who have experienced high levels of trauma. The needs of these children and teens simply cannot be met effectively through Traditional Foster Care.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Maple Star provides Therapeutic Foster Care. Therapeutic Foster Care is a higher level of care than Traditional Foster Care. The children and teens who come into Therapeutic Foster Care have experienced prolonged stress and trauma.

Our Work

Our work with children, youth and families is relational. The best way to heal from trauma is to provide repetitive relational experiences in the context of safe and attuned caregiving. We believe, and research supports, this relational approach, is the most powerful agent of change.

Our Support

We carefully screen, train, and support therapeutic foster parents to help children and teens heal from trauma. Our therapeutic foster parents receive specialized training, 24/7 access to support, time off from caregiving, and extra financial support. They work with our highly trained staff, in partnership with case workers, psychologists, therapists, and birth families to achieve permanency.

Our Impact

When children and teens enter our therapeutic foster homes and consistently experience safe, relational, and empathetic caregiving they begin to trust, heal and develop a healthy sense of self.  This allows them to engage in new relationships and repair previous relationships as well as develop the skills and knowledge needed for successful engagement in their family, school, and community.

Interested in applying to become a foster parent?