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 Foster Care Coordinator

 Foster Care Coordinators (FCCs) are responsible for the ongoing certification maintenance, support, training, and retention of current Family Care Provider homes in their identified caseload.  FCCs are also responsible for the case management and oversight of youth placed in their identified Family Care Provider homes. FCCs are responsible for oversight of youth treatment planning and assessments and provide at least one hour of skill building services per week to each youth on their caseload.


Family Care Specialist

 Family Care Specialists (FCS) are responsible for providing In-Home Safety and Reunification (ISRS) services to families referred by DHS. FCS’ work with families to assist them to make changes necessary to improve functioning and provide safely for their children; thus decreasing the risk for abuse and/or neglect. 


Skills Trainer

Skills Trainers are responsible for providing direct skills training, primarily in a community setting, to youth with identified behavioral and/or mental health concerns placed in DHS foster homes.  Skills training is provided during times identified as most relevant to the consumer/family (including nights, early mornings, and occasional weekends).