About the Trainers

Margaret Johnson, MSW CPS Project Coordinator and Trainer
Photo of Margaret JohnsonMargaret is a Think:Kids® Certified Trainer with over sixteen years of experience working directly with foster care youth. She is the key point person for CPS services to foster parents in District 7. Margaret specializes in CPS within a foster care setting. She is the co-founder and current chair of the Oregon CPS Foster Care Coalition and has been training foster parents in the CPS model since 2011. Think:Kids® has recently sought her advisement regarding foster care implementation and recruited her to present about CPS and foster care at their annual gathering of certified trainers. Margaret headed CPS implementation in Maple Star Oregon’s therapeutic foster care and in-home services programs. She has provided CPS training and consultation within her role as Clinical Director for Maple Star Oregon and has also done so for other agencies as an independent contractor for Think:Kids®. Margaret enjoys writing, making music, traveling, gardening, and learning about the history of people and places.
Bob Lieberman, MA, LPC Regional Advisor and Trainer
Photo of Bob LiebermanBob is a Think:Kids® Certified Trainer and has been the CEO of Kairos (formerly SOASTC) since 1989. He is a past-President of the American Association of Children’s Residential Treatment Centers (AACRC) and is currently its Public Policy Chair. Bobis co-chair of Oregon’s Children’s System Advisory Committee and served as a member of the Oregon Commission on Children and Families for ten years. Nationally, he is a member of the Building Bridges Steering Committee and co-chair of its Outcomes sub-committee, and co-chaired the Evidence Based Practices workgroup of the Outcomes Roundtable for Children and Families of SAMHSA. Bob has published journal articles, conducts trainings and workshops statewide and nationally, and also operates his own private practice as a professional counselor for youth, young adults, and families.
Ted Layman, LCSW Trainer
Photo of Ted LaymanTed is a clinical supervisor at Albertina Kerr’s community based services for youth and families. He is also an independent contractor for Think:Kids® where he has worked with a variety of programs providing services to foster youth, including in-home services and transitional living populations. He has provided extensive CPS training, coaching, and consultation to biological and foster families as well as staff who work with them. Ted has a private practice where he counsels families using the CPS approach. He also specializes in working with families with rural communities.
Kate O’Kelley, MA Trainer
Photo of Kate O'KelleyKate has been training foster parents in CPS since 2008 in various positions. As the Director of Foster Care at Albertina Kerr, she has provided regular CPS training and ongoing consultation for staff, foster parents, biological parents, and community members/community partners. Kate is a member of Albertina Kerr’s CPS steering committee and has participated in community CPS groups, including the Oregon CPS Foster Care Coalition, OHSU’s Parent Work Group, and the Oregon Certified Trainers consultation group. In addition to CPS trainings, she has led numerous trainings for staff and foster parents focused on other aspects of supporting youth in therapeutic foster care.
Randi Cooper, M.Ed Trainer
Photo of Randi CooperRandi is a Behavior Specialist/Consultant and Special Educator who has worked with students who display challenging behavior for over 15 years. She has headed implementation of CPS in school settings and has worked with youth from a variety of home environments who have significant social, emotional, academic, and behavioral difficulties. Ms. Cooper is an independent contractor for Think:Kids® where she provides coaching and consultation to programs implementing the CPS model. She is passionate about supporting parents and professionals in shifting their mindset of how they see individuals with challenging behavior by viewing it through the CPS lens.
Jordan Spikes Trainer
Jordan has extensive experience working with children and families in a variety of mental health and educational settings. He trains, consults, and coaches parents, educators, correctional workers, psychologists, administrators, therapists, and numerous other disciplines in the CPS approach. Using his understanding of the unique challenges that children face within systems of care, Jordan has taken a hands-on approach to not only working with the children themselves, but with their families and other professionals who are implementing CPS.
Lauren Ramirez, MA, LCP Trainer
Photo of Lauren RamirezLauren oversees Kairos’ Three Bridges Program which serves transition age youth with persistent mental health issues. She is a dynamic trainer who often partners with Kairos CEO Bob Lieberman to provide Tier I trainings. Ms. Ramirez has worked extensively with teens and young adults using the CPS approach.
Doris Bowman, M.S.Ed Trainer
Photo of Doris BowmanAside from being a Think:Kids® Certified Trainer, Doris is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and a certified special educator and administrator with over 17 years of experience spent supporting and coaching families of children with chronically challenging behaviors, including those experiencing significant ADD/ADHD, ASD and other forms of disabilities. Doris is an active member of Oregon’s CPS community of trainers and currently heads a monthly call intended to build cohesion among Think:Kids® certified trainers across Oregon.