Coos-Curry CPS Program

Welcome to the Coos-Curry CPS Program!

This program is the first step to implement the Collaborative Problem Solving model into the statewide DHS foster care system.

Getting started:

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Training Calendar
About the Trainers 
Have a Question? – password-protected form for our foster parent trainees only

Here’s what parents have to say
about CPS:

“It’s a great tool to teach parents how to parent.” “It builds the relationship instead of tearing it.”
“This is a gentler approach to parenting that is trauma-informed; it takes into account kid’s trauma.” “It’s teaching us to take that step back, that deep breath so we’re not adding to the chaos. And teaching kids how to live without chaos.”
“It taught me to be a more positive parent.” “It’s pulling together strategies from other approaches.”
“It teaches children how to be parented – that they can grow, be listened to [by a parent]. If we teach them how to be parented, they can learn how to parent, and we can break the cycle.” “The approach gives you a chance to take a breath. It reminds you to take a breath, step back and take perspective when faced with challenging behaviors.”
“It teaches us to be proactive rather than reactive.” “CPS supports relationships, and therefore avoids rebellion.”
Photo of parents with 2 toddlers on their laps
Photo of foster mother reading to her daughterFamily photo: father, mother, girl, boy and baby

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